Rajini gave a pleasant surprise to actress Nikki Kalrani in mid-air

Nikki Galrani Selfie with Superstar Rajinikanth : Actress nikki galrani enjoyed taking a selfie with actor Rajinikanth who returned to chennai after the shooting of Vediyaan.

Nikki Galrani, Rajinikanth

Actor Rajinikanth is currently in the making of Vedatiyan. Directed by Gnanavel, the film stars Manju Warrier, Ritika Singh, Rana Dagupathi, Bhagat Basil and amitabh Bachchan. While the shooting of the film started last year, it has been conducted in the southern states of Kerala, tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, telangana and has now reached its final stage.

Nikki Galrani meets Rajinikanth

As the final phase of the film is currently being shot in hyderabad, Rajinikanth is taking a flight from chennai to hyderabad to take part in the shooting. In that way, when she went for a shoot yesterday, the actress met someone and took a selfie. She is none other than actress Nikki Kalrani.

Nikki galrani selfie with Rajinikanth

Actor Aadi's wife nikki galrani is traveling in the same flight as Rajinikanth. She is an ardent fan of Rajini, and when she got to know that the superstar was traveling in her plane, she ran and took a selfie with him. Also, Nikki Kalrani bought Rajini's autograph on her flight ticket.

Rajinikanth gift to Nikki galrani

Nikki Kalrani, who has posted with Leshichi that this is the best flight in her life, has also mentioned that her favorite actor is Superstar Rajinikanth. Actress Nikki Kalrani's selfies during her flight with Rajinikanth are going viral on the internet.

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