Jackie Chan's latest photo released - 90s kids getting likes!

Jackie Chan : It's no exaggeration if children born in the early 90s think of hollywood films and Jackie Chan is the only name they remember.

During this period tamil fans are enjoying all language movies in a big way. It is no exaggeration to say that the media is a great help in that. But Jackie Chan was an actor who was much admired by the people during the era when the media was not so dominant.

His movies are still enjoyed by the audience for those bloopers at the end. One thing that belongs to the children born in the 90s is Jackie Chan, and many of them are used to watching his dramas especially on TV.

Jackie Chan was born in 1954 in victoria Peak, Hong Kong. At first popular actor Bruce Lee made his screen debut as a stunt artist and then gradually built a separate fan base for his films in the hollywood world.

It is noteworthy that Jackie Chan was awarded an honorary oscar in 2016. Although he has received countless awards in his film career, he has said on many platforms that the oscar he won is the one he will never forget. Jackie Chan has been acting in movies for more than 60 years since 1962.

In other words, it is noteworthy that he is acting in more than four films in this year 2024. A current photo of Jackie Chan, who has reached 70 years of age, has been released. Looking at Jackie Chan with gray hair in it, his fans are wondering if he is getting old too.

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