Vijay's friend and serial actor Sanjeev - Preeti!

Is this Vijay's friend Sanjeev? Preeti published a rare photo taken during the wedding!

As Vijay's friend and serial actor sanjeev - Preity celebrate their wedding anniversary today.

Sanjeev is famous for acting in a few films with actor Vijay on the silver screen. After not getting the expected reception in movies, he entered the small screen as an anchor and serial actor.

Many star couples started dating by walking together and later entered married life. But, this couple... has never acted together in any serial. A friendship that started at a show, then continued over the phone... turned into love. The most interesting scene is when Preeti accepts Sanjeevini's love.

One day when Preethi calls, she over advises Sanjeev. To this, sanjeev comically replied, "So much advice teacher... why are you going to marry me?" To this, Preity also gave the green signal for love, 'Athukkenna pannikita pochi...' Then their love ended in marriage with the consent of their parents.

The couple got married in 2009 and celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. Preity has shared some of her wedding photos and some of her wedding photos taken on her wedding day. These photos are now going viral.

Preethi, who stayed away from the serial for many years... has been acting in the serial again for the last few years. It is noteworthy that while Sanjay acted as a police officer in the serial 'Vanath Pola' aired on sun TV, following this... he is acting in a new serial called 'Lakshmi'.

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