Aamir-Pavani couple announced the marriage in one way!

Both Aamir and Pavani, who are a romantic couple on the small screen, have made an important announcement about their marriage.Date marked for marriage.

Amir, Pavani

Pavani reddy made her debut on the small screen with the serial Redtai Wal kuruvi which aired on Vijay TV. After this serial came to an end in four months, pavani committed to act in the next serial called Basamalar. While acting in that serial, there was love between her and the hero of that serial, pradeep Kumar. pavani married pradeep on Valentine's Day on february 14, 2017.

Amir pavani Love

The romantic marriage with pradeep ended after four months. Bhavani's husband pradeep committed suicide by hanging himself at home in May 2017. Bhavani, who returned to the small screen after the death of her husband, acted opposite Prajan in the serial Chinnathambi on Vijay TV. As this serial received overwhelming response among the people, a separate fan base was formed for Bhavani.

BiggBoss Amir and pavani Reddy

Bhavani then participated as a contestant in the 5th season of bigg boss hosted by Kamal Haasan. Aamir, who came as a wild card contestant in this show, fell in love with Bhavani and proposed on the same show. But Bhavani refused to accept Aamir's love. She also explained that she could not accept her love with Aamir due to the tragic end of her first love marriage.

Amir Pavni Reddy

After this, Aamir and Bhavani danced together in the bigg boss couples show. Bhavani accepted Aamir's love as she got close during the show and started living together with him in the same house. Apart from that, the couple also won the title of the bigg boss couples show.

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Living together for the past two years, the most frequently asked question for the couple is when are you getting married? Both of them have answered it in one way or another. Talking about this in a recent interview, they have announced that they are going to get married in November. Knowing this, the fans congratulated him

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