Top 5 super hit Tamil movies that portrayed women highly without objectifying them!

Although there has been an increase in films with heroines as the heroine of the story, here are 5 films that have made women look up to them by taking pride in their beauty.

'Aval Oru thodarkathai'

Directed by director K Balachander, the 1974 heroine-centric film 'Aval Oru thodarkathai' was released. sujatha played the lead role in this film, and many stars including Jaishankar, kamal haasan, Vijayakumar, Sripriya, acted in this film.

The film revolved around the story of a noble woman who sacrifices her life to save her family. Also, the songs of the film like the stage set up by god and the house given by god have been enjoyed by many fans till now. It is worth noting that all the songs featured in the film were composed by Kannadasan Edutha Viswanathan.

Magalir mattum

Directed by sangeetha Srinivasa Rao and produced by kamal haasan, the film starring Revathi, Urvashi, Rohini, was released. In this 1994 film, the director showed how strong women can be. This film, which was well received by the fans, not only made us laugh but also made us think. It is noteworthy that kamal haasan played a cameo role in this film where Nasser and Paci Sathya played the main roles.

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