Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam party leader Thalapathy Vijay launched an app to join his party

Thalapathy Vijay is a great actor who is not only a great actor but also a great personality in tamil cinema for more than 35 years. Currently, she is acting in the film "The Greatest of All Time" which is being produced under the direction of famous director Venkat Prabhu.

In this situation, he announced at the beginning of this year that he is going to join politics full-time after completing his 69th film work, in which he will act next. Thalapathy Vijay's entry into politics has brought great joy to his fans, but there is also sadness among them that they will no longer see their beloved hero on screen.

Even though the tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam will not contest in the upcoming lok sabha elections, it has been officially announced that Thalapathy Vijay will contest as the chief ministerial candidate in the 2026 elections. In this situation, Thalapathy Vijay had released a new app to join his tamil Nadu victory Club this evening.

In this case, within a few minutes of the launch of the app, more than 20 lakh requests have been received, and now the app of tamil Nadu success Club has completely stopped. It has been announced that the servers will be fixed soon and re-registration will take place in this situation where the servers are down.

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