Actress Nayanthara's fans are shocked as the real reason behind her sad post on Instagram

Is this all the build up for? Fans are shocked to see actress Nayanthara

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Actress Nayanthara's fans are shocked as the real reason behind her sad post on instagram has now been revealed.


Nayanthara is a lady superstar in the South indian film industry. She is doing various industries besides cinema. Nayan, who runs a production company called Ready Pictures along with her romantic husband Vignesh Sivan, is giving opportunities to various young talents through the company. He is earning crores through that company.

Ladysuperstar Nayanthara

Apart from this, She also runs a company called Lip Balm. Nayan is selling various lip sticks in that company. Last year, he started a company called 9Skin to sell beauty products following the success of the company. It manufactures and sells various beauty products to solve skin problems.

Nayanthara latest look

Nayantara, who also runs Femi9, a company that manufactures sanitary napkins for women, has also invested in Divine Foods, a company that procures directly from farmers and supplies nutritious food to people. Apart from this, Nayanthara, who has invested crores in real estate, is also an ambassador for various brands.

Nayanthara Cryptic Post

Recently, Nayanthara was appointed as the brand ambassador for mango juice company Slice. She has been paid several crores for this. In order to popularize this, She had posted a sad post saying that I am lost a few days ago. Some people who saw this went viral thinking that Vignesh posted this because he had a fight with Shivan.

But now the answer to that post has been received. He posted it for publicity. Accordingly, She posted an advertisement for the Slice company and posted that She was lost in the taste of mangoes. The netizens who saw this post are questioning whether they gave such a build-up just for money

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