Vijay TV serial Actor's son was kidnapped and assaulted!

The problem came from the car. Vijay tv serial actor's son was kidnapped and assaulted!
The incident of abducting the son of actor Birla Bose, who is famous for acting in serials and movies, and assaulted him by some people has created a stir.
Sometimes what happens in real life surpasses what we see in movies. In that way, Harish Kalyan starrer, 'Parking' movie style, the problem with the car turned into a tragedy and went to kidnapping has shocked many people.
Birla Bose is famous for acting in many serials and movies. He has acted in many serials including 'Mrs. Selvam', 'Kalyana Parishi', 'Kolamangal', 'Tamil god Murugan', 'Engaveetu Ben' which aired on sun TV. Currently, she is acting in the serial 'Thangamagal' which is being aired on Vijay TV.
Superstar Rajinikanth is also playing the lead role in the film 'Vettaiyan' directed by dj Gnanavel. While he is living in an apartment in chennai with his family, a few days ago... a young man living on the lower floor of his house... has rammed a car in Birla Bose, so it seems that he has made noise in Govt.
Trouble broke out between the two families as the young man continued to argue. Due to this problem, the young man has decided to take revenge on Birla Bose and kidnap his son. It is said that the person who was waiting for this time, when Birla Bose went outside for the shooting of 'Hunter', kidnapped his son and assaulted him with a gang of 10 people.
Then they dropped Birla Bose's son at home to avoid suspicion. Birla Bose came to know about the incident and rushed to see his son... Doctors have said that your son has more internal injuries than external injuries. Following this, it was revealed that Birla Bose and his daughter were kidnapped by the young man who lives in the lower house. So he filed a police complaint against him.
It is said that the police have registered a case based on the CCTV footage and are investigating. The problem caused by car crashes has reached such a level that it has created a stir.

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