Why didn't Roshni act after Guna? After 32 years director Santhanabharathi released the information!

Director Santana Bharti has responded to the question raised as to why Roshini, who played the female lead in kamal haasan starrer 'Guna', did not act after the film.
After the success of the recently released 'Manjumel Boys', fans have started talking about the film 'Guna' again. At this time, some people are also demanding the re-release of 'Guna'.
That is, the malayalam movie 'Manjumel Boys' was released on 22nd. This film was directed by director Chidambaram based on the true incident of 2006. In this film, while the influence of the film 'Guna' was high, they went back and shot the film amidst various challenges in the cave shown in the film 'Guna'.
This film has beaten the collections of leading malayalam actors and has so far earned a record of 100 crores. Not only in malayalam but also among the tamil fans, the movie is getting good response. It is also noteworthy that kamal haasan, the global hero, called the crew of 'Manjumel Boys' a few days ago and expressed his appreciation.
Recently, Santhanabharathi, the director of 'Guna', has shared interesting information about the heroine of the film in an interview. Host Why Roshini, the heroine of 'Guna'? He questioned that he did not act in any film after this film. He replied to this... When Roshini was acting in this film he said that this is my last film and I will not act in any film.
Roshni belongs to a very affluent family. Very Educated Family. So he has no intention of acting in cinema and becoming a big man. His family also said that they did not want it.

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