Guna Movie actress has any relationship with Jyothika..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Guna movie actress has any relationship with Jyothika..!?
32 years ago, all went crazy as abhirami abhirami after the film Guna was released. After all these years, netizens are searching for her on social media. The main reason for this is the vibration of Manjummel Boys. The film which was released based on the film Guna, has now collected up to 100 crores and is showing mass. Following that, Guna Cave is also becoming viral among tourists. On the one hand, many people are looking for Abhirami, who acted in that film.
Because Roshini, who played that character, disappeared from cinema with this film. What would she look like now? Where is she? Everyone has the same interest. Similarly, rumors are spreading that she is nagma and Jyothika's sister Roshini. She has acted in some films including Karthik's Sishya and is currently married and living abroad. Some people are mistaking her for Guna's Abhirami. But actually, this Roshini is a girl from a rich family.
It was Kamal's ex-wife sarika who brought her to act in Guna. After finishing the film, Roshini's house said that this movie would not suit them. That's why she stays away from the limelight altogether. However, now fans are dying to see her. That is why the media is now searching for her. Anyway, Guna's girlfriend is expected to give darshan to the media in a few days.

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