Anand - Radhika pre-wedding event..Janhvi with Dhoni!

She is the eldest daughter of the late actress Sridevi

The wedding celebrations of anand Ambani, the last son of mukesh Ambani, who is one of the top richest people in the world and in india, have already begun.

A pre-wedding show now for a July wedding? Although it may surprise some people, criticisms fly aside that he can hold wedding celebrations even a year before with the money she has.

And three-quarters of the bollywood film industry was present at the pre-wedding event at the Ambani house for the past three days. ram Charan, Superstar Rajinikanth, Charkuru and others from South india attended.

In this pre-wedding program, which started on march 1, American pop singer Rihanna also participated and highlighted. It was said that he received 50 crores as a salary for two days when his concert was staged in front of celebrities.

The videos of janhvi kapoor, bollywood actress and daughter of late actress Sridevi, having a frenzy with Rihanna went viral on social media.

Janhvi, who was dressed in glamourous attire during the party, yesterday looked very homely in a traditional skirt and scarf.

Also anand Ambani - radhika Merchant pre-wedding photo taken with many celebrities including dhoni has now shared on social media.

Similarly, Ambani has also shared a photo taken while dancing at the Veedu program. These photos shared by janhvi kapoor are gathering likes among fans

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