Will Anupama marry again? Fans are asking such questions


New twists are seen every day in the popular tv show Anupama. Fans like the storyline of the show a lot. Now rupali Ganguly has shared a video, after which reports are coming that maybe Anupama is going to get married once again.

Anupama was seen wearing vermilion

In the video shared by Rupali, she is seen in the makeup room. rupali has taken Anupama's getup. She was seen wearing a green colored saree. This saree is the same as she used to wear when she was with Anuj. Apart from this, Anupama has also applied vermillion on the forehead. Seeing the vermilion in Anupama's demand, fans are speculating that maybe Anupama will be seen getting married once again in the coming days. In this video, rupali is seen expressing her love for Maharashtrian food. In the caption of the video, he wrote - Vadapav is emotion, Vadapav is romance, Vadapav is the Maharashtrian in me.

Users made such comments

A user wrote on this video – Someone saw Anupama's saree and vermillion. Excited to know what will happen next. While another user wrote – If this was a throwback then it would have been written on it. One wrote- Wait what happens next. Talking about the plot going on in the show these days, let us tell you that Anupama is working closely with Anuj's company. During this, Anuj is feeling jealous seeing Yashpal and Anupama together. He wants to come back into Anupama's life. Whereas Anupama has kept distance from Anuj. On the other hand, Vanraj and Baa have left for America to meet Anupama. Vanraj needs signature on the house papers from Anupama. For this reason he has gone to America.

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