Did Sridevi Vijayakumar turn into a butterfly in modern dress.?.

Vijayakumar's youngest daughter, sridevi vijayakumar in pink color modern dress...

Sridevi is the last daughter of legendary actor Vijayakumar's second wife Manjula. Being a shop kid, he is the darling of the entire family. She is also the desired daughter of Vijayakumar. sridevi has even said this in some interviews that Vijayakumar sridevi will buy and give whatever other children ask for.

 Similarly, muthu Kannu, the elder wife, is more in love with Sridevi. Kavita, Anita, Arun Vijay, Vanitha, Preeta... sridevi is a little angel who crawled as a pet sister to all.

Born in the year 1986, he made his debut as a child star in tamil cinema at the age of 5 through Richa Mama. Following this, he acted in a few films like Amma Vandachu, David's Uncle, Deiwa Bishti, Aavaramboo, Sugamana Samayam.

In the year 2002, she made her debut as a heroine with the film 'Easwar' starring prabhas as the hero. Following this film, she made her debut in tamil as the heroine in the tamil film 'Kadal Virus' starring Ajith's Machinan richard as the hero.

Although the film was not as successful as expected, it was followed by Sridevi-starrer Priyamana Dodhi, Diditkuthe and Devathaiyai Kandaene which were well received. Not only in tamil, but also in languages like Telugu, Kannada, etc., he refused to accept many film opportunities that sought him out.

While being a leading actress. sridevi married businessman Rahul in 2009 and now has a daughter named Rubika.

After a long gap, sridevi is also the moderator of the show Jodi R U Ready which is airing on Vijay TV.

And from time to time, she regularly publishes her photo shoot photos on social media, and now she is wearing a pink color dress and posing like a butterfly. These photos are being seen a lot among

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