Top celebrities who were born in the neighboring country and flew the flag in the world of Kollywood!

Kollywood Celebrities from sri lanka : Actors and actresses born not only in other states but also in other countries have made their mark in the tamil film industry.

First in this list is former tamil Nadu chief minister MGR. Revolutionary leader MGR was born in 1917 in a town called "Navalapitti" in Sri Lanka. Not only in the world of tamil cinema, but also in the political history of tamil Nadu, he was a great force. Even though 35 years have passed since his death, he is still a leader and actor who has a place in people's minds.

Sujatha is the famous actress in the tamil film world through director Balachander's movie "Aval Oru Kharkatha". She was also born in a place called "Galle" in sri lanka and used to be the best actress in many indian languages.

Radhika Sarathkumar, an actress who became famous for her movie "Eastbound Train" by famous director Bharathiraja, was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is noteworthy that his younger sister nirosha was also born in Colombo. Both of them have been the best actresses in the tamil film world for many years.

Actress Pooja, though she hasn't acted in tamil movies since 2015, has been a huge hit since she made her debut in the art world with the movie "JJ". He was born in Colombo, sri lanka and gave a very good performance in Bala's movie "Naan Kadavul"

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