Sandeep Reddy Vanga's wife did not like this thing about the film!!


Animal maker Sandeep reddy Vanga's wife did not like this thing about the film. Know what she said

Animal director Sandeep reddy Vanga has told in his latest interview how his wife and son reacted after watching the film.

Famous filmmaker Sandeep reddy Vanga, who has made films from South to Bollywood, comes into controversies after the release of almost every film of his. There was a lot of controversy over his latest film 'Animal'. Objections were raised to the gory scenes shown in this film and it was accused of glorifying the insult to women. However, sandeep was seen defending his film in many interviews. Now he has honestly told the reaction of his son and wife regarding the film. He told me how many cuts he had to make to get the film in front of his son.

Arjun reddy recently told in his latest interview that he has shown the film 'Animal' to his 7-year-old son. However, he got the film edited separately for his son. From which those scenes which were not for children were removed. arjun said that his son found the fight scenes of the film funny and he was laughing loudly. The son said that the scene in which two actors were fighting in underwear was very funny.

Apart from this, sandeep has also told his wife's reaction. Sandeep's wife saw the film but did not comment on the allegations of insulting women in the film. However, he said that there is too much bloodshed in the film. It is clear from Sandeep's statement that his wife did not like the bloodshed in the film.

Let us tell you that a crazy hero was shown in sandeep Vanga Reddy's film 'Animal'. Who is bent on 'burning the world' for his father? The film proved to be a huge success at the box office, earning more than Rs 500 crore.

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