This fan created Allu Arjun’s face with Rangoli!?

Allu arjun is one of the prominent stars of the telugu movie industry who gained pan-India fame and recognition after his blockbuster hit movie, Pushpa: The Rule, which was released in 2021. The movie was a huge commercial success and received much appreciation and accolades from audiences and critics alike. He gained an immense fan following, not just from the Southern belt, but also from across the country. His fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the sequel movie, pushpa 2: The Rule. Now, he has grabbed the headlines after a fan drew a breathtaking portrait of him, that too in a unique manner.

Fans try to shower their love and affection for allu arjun in various ways. One fan found an unusual way of depicting her love for the actor. In a huge vessel filled with water, she drew Allu Arjun’s data-face with the help of powdered colours (rangoli). The art has won the hearts of the audience. She begins by spreading yellow colour in the water to give a proper background, then she proceeds to draw the data-face structure, his intense eyes and then his entire data-face. The art captures Allu Arjun’s character from his hit movie, Pushpa.

The caption read, “Pani par rangoli (Art on water).” It showed his typical gesture from the movie and the internet was excited to see this. One user commented, “What an amazing artist you are, ma’am.” Another wrote, “Oh My God! This is a real talent. Just look at this art.” Another comment read, “Uff this is fantastic! You captured the intensity of his eyes real well.”

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