Bobby Deol could not watch because of this scene?


bobby deol has made a great comeback with Sandeep reddy Vanga’s film Animal. With very less screen time

and without any dialogue, the actor has dominated the big screen with his body and action. Meanwhile, Bobby

Deol has revealed that his mother Prakash Kaur could not see his death scene in Animal. While talking to

Pinkvilla, bobby deol revealed that he could not even watch his father’s film rocky Aur rani Ki prem Kahani

completely. The reason for this was none other than his father whose character dies in a scene of the film. Bobby

says, If someone else had done that character, it would not have been fun. Papa made it magical.

Couldn’t watch the entire movie because of this

Talking about rocky and Rani’s love story, bobby deol further said, Actually when I was watching the film, I

did not know the story. In this, my father’s character dies and I could not watch the film. I was in karan Johar’s

trial and I couldn’t stop crying. Because my father somehow could not handle it and I left and said that I would

not watch the end of the film.

Bobby’s mother could not watch this scene of Animal

Bobby further said, Because we are like that, we love each other. We are a very close family. I know he is

playing a character but still. When I did Animal, my mother couldn’t handle the death scene.

karan Johar’s film had earned more than Rs 150 crore

Let us tell you that the film rocky Aur rani Ki prem Kahani was released in theaters on July 28. The audience

liked the film a lot. Ranveer Singh, alia bhatt, Jaya Bachchan, dharmendra and shabana azmi were seen in important roles in the film. The film also performed well at the box office and managed to collect more than Rs

150 crore.

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