Alia Bhatt Hugs Rashmika..!? Netizens trolls her..?

Alia Bhatt's behavior when she came to hug rashmika mandanna is getting trolled. The comments are pouring in.

Actress alia Bhatt's husband ranbir kapoor and actress rashmika Mandanna's Animal has released today and is getting a good response. Animal has already got an adult certificate. ranbir kapoor and rashmika Mandanna's many intimate scenes were given this certificate. Not only that, many scenes have also been experimented with by the censor board. Some scenes were shown in teasers and trailers even before it was cut. When the first song was released, the pair's liplock scenes on a plane created a stir.

Now, while the film Animal is running wildly, rashmika mandanna and alia bhatt met at an event. On that occasion they hugged. But if rashmika did not hug alia properly, on the other hand, alia bhatt could be seen hugging rashmika carelessly. Not only that, alia laughed and pretended to be a hug, but the camera captured it.

This video is being trolled. Whether it is an actress or whoever, some women are criticizing alia that if her husband appears in such an intimate scene with someone else, some women are criticizing alia and others are asking whether alia has also done the same with another actor. How much alia is a wife? Seeing Rashmikar, some of them said that she has a muzzle like Swati's.

Some commented that alia got jealous seeing her husband mingled with rashmika better than her, while others said that rashmika could also be seen hugging alia by name. Together, rashmika mandanna and alia Bhatt's hug is making social media buzz.

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