Bhagyalakshmi Serial Tandav's real wife's answer..?!

Tandav means Saku Bhagyalakshmi serial aired on Colors kannada channel comes in front of serial lovers. Despite being the serial hero, Tandav is the villain in the serial. Although he has a wife and cute children, he is in the company of another person. Even now, he left home and moved to another house with his lover and started a family. For this reason, Tandav is being steamed by Kandre serial lovers. Usually the villain is the one who bashes him on the outside as well. They forget that what they are watching is a serial, and the characters in it are fictional, and the villains are steamrolled very well. The Tandav character is also experiencing the same. By the way, the real name of Tandav actor who shines as a villain is sudarshan Rangaprasad.

In Bhagyalakshmi serial, Bhagya becomes the wife of Tandav who doesn't know anything, doesn't learn much and has just started her studies, but in real life actress Sangeeta Bhatt is the wife of Tandav i.e. sudarshan Rangaprasad. Sangita Bhatt is known as an actress and model. Sangeet Bhatt also made his debut in tamil cinema. Sangeeta Bhatt, who acted in some movies in kannada, stayed away from the film industry for a while and after 2 years she acted in movies again. He made a lot of news at a time when the Me Too campaign was in full swing. During the Me Too campaign in 2018, Sangeeta Bhatt had also told about the harassment she had experienced in the film industry.

After taking a break from acting, Sangeeta was in germany for a few days. His last film was '48 Hours' which was released last year. Now she has done a few reels with her husband sudarshan Rangaprasad. How many men in the house showed me to marry. Sangeeta asked her husband sudarshan that he knows why you left him and got drunk. The husband happily pulls the collar and asks why. For that, Sangeeta is my Karmarie... That's why there was a burst of laughter from the back.

Seeing this joke, many followed Sudarshan's footsteps. Bhagya Aaytu and Shrestha also joked that Aaytu is now Evra. May your couple keep smiling like this forever, many have blessed.

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