Kangana Ranaut reacted, Yes, a woman needs a man like..?

Veteran bollywood actress neena gupta recently expressed her opinion on feminism. neena gupta believes

that men and women can never be equal. Therefore the actress had called this issue useless. A controversy had

arisen over this statement of the actress. people started trolling him fiercely for such statements. Meanwhile,

now Bollywood’s hot girl Kangana Ranaut has given her reaction on this statement of Neena Gupta.

Kangana reacted to Neena Gupta’s statement on feminism

Kangana has shared a long post on her insta story, where she has come out in support of Neena Gupta’s useless

feminism statement. The actress writes that I cannot understand why there is such a strong reaction to what

Neena ji said. Men and women can never be equal. They are different from each other in one thing. Are they


Said- Yes, a woman needs a man like..

Kangana further writes that let's forget men and women, none of us are equal. Each of us is at a different level

of development. So we have God, Guru, superior, parent or even boss. Some have more experience or some are

actually more developed, but we are not equal at any level.

The actress said- How is Sharma in this?

She further writes, Do we need a man? Of course it is. Just like a man needs a woman. My mother's life would

have been full of difficulties if she had to live her life alone. Similarly, my father also cannot live his life

without my mother. I don't understand what kind of shame there is in this!! Do men have it better? It is obvious

that they do not bleed all seven days of the month and they do not flow with the divine feminine energy for

which everyone is thirsty. Boys are safer than women. It is not easy for girls, especially young girls.

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