Mohit Malik’s blood sugar level had gone low on the sets

Mohit Malik is the most popular actor of TV. He has proved his strong acting skills in many serials. Presently

Mohit is seen in the show Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si. He is playing the character of Kunal in this show. The actor

has made a shocking revelation about his deteriorating health while working on the sets of the show Baatein

Kuch Ankahi Si.

Mohit Malik’s sugar level went low during shooting on the set.

The actor recently revealed how his health had deteriorated due to the exhausting demands of his profession.

Mohit told that his health deteriorated when his blood sugar level dropped to around 58, which was an indication

of hypoglycemia. The actor shared, My sugar was low on the set for two days. My blood sugar level dropped to

58, which is a sign of hypoglycemia. This is the first time in my life, and I experienced it while shooting on the


Why did Mohit Malik’s sugar level decrease?

Mohit said, “I am facing extreme fatigue, blankness and all those symptoms. I got my blood sugar checked and

then I came to know that my sugar had come down to 58.” The actor attributed this health-related alarm to his

constant work schedule and the challenging scenes he had recently filmed. Mohit said, I think I got stressed due

to being busy for long hours shooting the Ganapathy sequence, Kalipayattu and some other challenging shoots.

My diet was not taken care of, and hence this was an instance of hypoglycemia.

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