Devarakonda! Forget Fans, Take Care Of Distributors

When "Dear Comrade" producer abhishek Nama publicly tweeted to actor Vijay devarakonda about the losses of the movie, which is distributed by abhishek Pictures in Nizam, the actor's supporters passionately mocked the distributor for trying to collect money from the actor rather than the producer of the movie. In truth, this took place after Vijay D declared that he would donate one crore rupees from his salary to 100 deserving households. Another distributor-producer is now adopting the same stance as abhishek Nama.

Our film industry is accustomed to the practise of "use and throw," and these days everyone is experiencing it. Movies like Liger, Dear Comrade, and even kushi resulted in losses to distributors of more than three crores in the vizag region. hero Vijay devarakonda garu should prioritise protecting his distributors over his followers if he has genuine worries. Natti Kumar was quoted as saying, "No matter how much you act in the movie, you need distributors and exhibitors to get the movie to the public.
These remarks by Natti Kumar have drawn notice in the aftermath of devarakonda handing out 1 lakh checks to 100 households the other day. While Vijay's father had accused abhishek Nama of being the victim of "blackmail," it remains to be seen if they will accede to Natti Kumar's demands as well. In general, it appears that producers and star heroes are mistreating distributors, who lost money on these expensive films.

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