Shiyas Kareem shares engagement pictures..!?

Many people have expressed their wishes under the post.

Sheas Karim is active in both acting and modeling. A fitness fanatic, Sheas runs his own gym. Although he does not know song and dance, he is always ahead of them. More people started to know Sheas after competing in Bigg Boss. The same is the case with opportunities in films. The new post of Shias, who is active on social media, is now viral. These are engagement pictures. The beginning of our forever. rehana shared the pictures with the caption "A happy start with love and laughter". Shias are also mentioned. Shias can be seen smiling very happily in the photo. Many people have expressed their wishes under the post.

Sreenish Aravind's comment was that congratulations, but we were not called. Pearly Mani also expressed her greetings. Basheer Bashi commented that bro congratulations could have been conveyed. Lintu Roni, Alice Christie, Srividya Mullachery, Anumol, Roshan, Sadhika and others also expressed their wishes. The questions of the fans were whether it was a wedding or an engagement, when did this happen? Not only the celebrities but also the fans are recording their love for Shias through comments.Umma had said in an earlier interview that she was thinking of getting married to Shias. But later there was no talk related to it from the actor's side. Therefore, the audience received the news of Shias' marriage very happily. Shias' brother and sister have welcomed rehana into the family, saying welcome to our little family.

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