How did Amy Jackson's face undergo such drastic change?

S Venkateshwari
How did Amy Jackson's data-face undergo such drastic change?

The english actress and model Amy Jackson, who is best known for her roles in indian films, has recently become the talk of the town as a result of her new appearance. Her appearance has undergone a significant change, and many of her admirers and supporters have drawn comparisons to Irish actor Cillian Murphy. Jackson, who has had roles in more than fifteen films and made her US television debut in 2017's DC Comics Supergirl, a Warner Brothers production, as Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl, posted a number of photos from a recent date with boyfriend Ed Westwick on Instagram. Fans were drawn to her high cheekbones and light eyes in these photos because they reminded them of Cillian Murphy, which sparked a flurry of remarks and jokes about the similarity.

The difference has been so noticeable that Jackson is now referred to by fans as Murphy's twin. Cillian Murphy doppelgänger, can't unsee this, and 'Tommy Shelby looks good in red', references to Murphy's role in the well-liked series Peaky Blinders, were among the comments left on her instagram post.Jackson's altered appearance has certainly attracted the attention of her fans and followers, even though the precise cause is unknown. There has been no confirmation from Jackson or her team, but some people think it might be because of makeup techniques or even a potential cosmetic procedure. Despite the rumours, Jackson seems to be relishing the spotlight and keeps her fans updated on her life and career. She wore a stunning red outfit to the london Fashion Week recently.

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