Faceless IT Return: Youth To pay tax of Rs 113 crore...P-3

Faceless IT Return: youth To pay tax of Rs 113 crore...P-3

A young person from the madhya pradesh district of Bhind has received notification from the income tax department that they must pay 113 crore rupees in taxes. For the claimed transaction of Rs 132 crore by the young person, the Income Tax Department has asked for this tax. The unique aspect of this accusation against the young man is that it is being made against him twice.

Ravi Gupta's two associates have also received notices for the same year

Ravi Gupta is not the only one upset. Along with him, Kapil Shukla and praveen Rathore, who work in the same BPO in Indore, have also received IT notices for gross transactions in the year 2011-12. A transaction of Rs 290 crore was made in the bank account opened with the help of Khandwa resident Praveen's PAN card. The Income Tax Department had three complaints regarding a total transaction of Rs 564 crore from the accounts of these three for investigation.

The bank accounts in the names of Ravi, Kapil and praveen from which the Income Tax Department is seeking penalty for transactions worth Rs 564 crore. All three bank accounts are in the same bank branch in Mumbai. All three accounts are now under scrutiny. The names of the companies to which this amount has been transferred are also mentioned in the statement of these bank accounts. Despite this, no action has been taken.

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