YouTubers provide tens of billions to GDP of India..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
YouTubers provide tens of billions to GDP of India..!?
It has been reported that YouTubers have contributed Rs 10,000 crore to India's GDP in the last year alone. Oxford university has conducted a study on the contribution of YouTubers to India's GDP and the employment generated through it. It surveyed 5,633 YouTube creators of all data-sizes, 4,021 users, and 523 businesses from various industries and released the results. Accordingly, by 2020, creators on the Google-owned YouTube platform will contribute to the country's GDP of Rs. 6,800 crores have been contributed. In addition, 6,83,900 jobs have been created. Similarly, YouTube creators have contributed Rs 10,000 crore to India's GDP by 2021, creating more than 7,50,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the country during the same period.
Proud of YouTube:
YouTube is woven into every part of our lives in India. They are delighted to contribute to the creation of new jobs and employment across the country, said ajay Vidyasagar, Director, of South, Southeast Asia, and APAC Emerging Markets, YouTube Division.
New Update on YouTube:
In such an environment, google has decided to provide various new updates on the YouTube site according to the needs of the users. Accordingly, google has announced artificial intelligence and machine learning as their goal on YouTube. YouTube is rolling out two new features to expand learning and health content on its site. At the same time, it has announced that it will provide important updates for typing and voice search features. A new feature called Aloud has been rolled out on YouTube as a trial run. With it, videos can be translated and dubbed into various regional languages at no extra cost.
The new facility is currently available only to certain users. It also said it will work with several healthcare organizations including Narayana, Manipal, Medanta, and Shalpi to develop reliable information covering over 100 conditions in languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, and English. To ensure the accuracy of the information, the information will be verified by translators, according to YouTube.

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