Do Car Insurance Policies Cover Flood Damage?

S Venkateshwari
Do car Insurance Policies Cover Flood Damage?

India is currently experiencing its rainy season, with the majority of the nation being submerged in the intense monsoon rains. In numerous indian states, there have been reports of waterlogging from east to west and from north to south. Videos and pictures showing a car drowning in water or a motorcycle being washed away have been circulating for several days. In such a case, you can find out more information here if you own a car and are wondering how much insurance money will be paid for a car or motorcycle that is washed away in water during a rainstorm.

Which kind of motor insurance is going to pay for your damage?

The only auto insurance policies that have the option to pay for natural disaster losses are those with comprehensive coverage. It is optional to have coverage against natural disasters in comprehensive cover as well, so carefully review the documentation before obtaining it. A comprehensive auto insurance policy offers complete protection against both man-made and natural disasters, including accidents and disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, and cyclone. Keep in mind that flood or submersion damages are not covered by third-party auto insurance.

Certain requirements for a comprehensive auto insurance policy

Flood and submersion damage is covered by comprehensive auto insurance, but it's crucial to understand the terms regarding engine damage. The age of the vehicle affects the Comprehensive car Insurance Policy coverage as well because the insurance provider accounts for depreciation in the price. Other than this, only half of the cost of fixing damaged plastic or rubber components is reimbursed.

Potential harm to the vehicle from flooding or waterlogging

Damage to the engine: If water gets into the engine due to being caught in a rising river or in the rain, the car may not start.

Gearbox damage: This machine may sustain damage if water seeps into the gearbox.

Electric or electrical damage: Should water seep inside the vehicle, the electronic components within may sustain harm. As an illustration, the speedometer, indicators, and dashboard lights that flash warning signs may sustain damage.

Internal damage refers to things like the car's flooring, seats, cushions, interior, and seat covers. Accessories fall under this category.

Consider extras like a zero-depreciation engine protective cover.

Water entering the engine during rainy weather can also be covered if add-ons like engine protection cover and zero depreciation are purchased in addition to the comprehensive insurance policy. If not, fixing the engine in this case could cost as much as Rs 1 lakh.

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