No one will tell you these 5 special features of Windows 11!!


Tech Tips: No one will tell you these 5 special features of Windows 11, the information will be very useful

If you use Microsoft's Windows 11, then you should know about these five features of Windows 11. The tips mentioned here will improve your work to a great extent. Let's know what is the details.

Popular tech company microsoft last gave many great features in Windows 11. This update was received by the users after a long time.At present, a lot of time has passed since Windows 11, but very few people know about its features properly. If you use Windows 11, then you can get useful information from this news. Let's learn further some special features of Windows 11.

Scrolling Inactive Windows

With the help of Scrolling Inactive Windows, instead of going down, scrolling can be done through it.

To turn on this feature, go to the PC settings.

After this, go to Bluetooth and Devices.

After this, click on the mouse and toggle, and turn on the scrolling inactive windows.

Minimize and maximize

To start the Aero Shake feature in Windows 11, go to Settings.

After this, go to System and Multitasking.

Then go to Title Bar Windows Shake.

After this, all the windows will be minimized and maximized just by shaking.

God Mode Folder

In Windows 11, the god Mode folder acts as a central location in the system settings.

Create a new folder in the PC and rename it to god Mode. But for this, this code (ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} will have to be used.

After this, this folder will turn into a control panel icon.

Clipboard History

Windows 11 also has the feature of Clipboard History. With the help of this feature, many copied items can be stored.

To turn on this feature, go to Settings.

After this, go to System and press the Windows button and v keyboard button with Clipboard.

By doing this, all the history of the Clipboard will appear.

If the user wants, he can also pin any item on the Clipboard.

Virtual Desktop

Windows 11 has the facility of Virtual Desktop. In this, work can be divided on different virtual screens. For this, press the plus key with Windows go to Open Task View, and open a new desktop. After this, one can easily shift between the two desktops, for this use the three-finger mouse gesture.

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