International Carrot Day : All that you need to know!!!

S Venkateshwari
International Carrot Day : All that you need to know!!!

Every year on april 4, international Carrot Day, also known as Carrot Day, is a highlight for carrot fans around. On this day, celebrations centered around parties, events, and other carrot-related events take place. Let us celebrate this versatile vegetable, which not only enhances the nutritional value of our meals but also provides sweetness to our desserts. In addition to salads and savory foods, carrots work nicely in desserts. There are a variety of treats ready to entice your taste buds, ranging from the classic cake with cream cheese icing to imaginative creations like soufflé and carrot halwa. 

The first annual festival of this vibrant root was held in 2003, honoring the vital component of salads. Reports as of right now state that Russia, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, and the united kingdom are all celebrating. Carrots are one of the few vegetables that are harvested more for their roots than for their sprouts. They are joined by radishes, potatoes, turnips, and beets. Carrots can be harvested in a range of hues, such as purple, red, and pale yellow, but they are usually picked in a deep orange color with undertones of yellow. 

Because they keep well in the refrigerator, carrots are a mainstay in dishes for all four seasons—spring, fall, and winter. Carrots are one vegetable that can be eaten fresh and raw; all that's needed to prepare them is a brief rinse under cold water. You can hear the crunch of a raw carrot from several feet away. Carrots can be served as a sweet treat like carrot cake or as a savory side dish to meats like chicken and salmon.

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