9 countries where Indians spend the most on tourists..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
9 countries where indians spend the most on tourists..!?
Let's find out about 9 countries where indians spend the most on tourism in terms of rupee value. If indians are traveling abroad with friends or family, check out the list of countries that cost the most in rupee terms. This is because the value of the country's currency is higher than the value of the indian rupee. Therefore, before going abroad, you should compare the currency value of those countries with the indian currency and plan your expenses.

Kuwait (Kuwaiti Dinar) - 1 KWD = 269.67 INR:

The currency of kuwait is called Dinar. 269.67 rupees in indian rupees to buy one dinar of that country. The culture and tourist sites here are very attractive to foreign tourists.
Bahrain (Bahrain Dinar) - 1 BHD = 220.32 INR:
The currency here is also the dinar, although it has a lower monetary value than Kuwait. That means 220 rupees equal to 32 cents per dinar in Bahrain. If you are planning a trip on a budget, consider the trip before going here.
Oman (Omani Rial) - 1 OMR = 215.72 INR:
Oman's currency is the Riyal. A trip to this fun-filled country on the Arabian Peninsula will cost you 215 rupees 72 per riyal.

Jordan (Jordanian Dinar) - 1 JOD = 117.12 INR:

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, 1 Jordanian Dinar (JOD) is equal to 117 Rupees. It is a Middle Eastern country. Tourists have no dearth of attractions. But financial planning is essential.
United Kingdom (British Pound) - 1GBP = 104.76 INR:
As 1 british Pound (GBP) is 104.76 INR, financial planning is essential before going here. Known as the cradle of Western culture, many wonders await tourists here. But be prepared to spend on everything.
Switzerland (Swiss Franc) - 1 CHF = 94.85 INR:

A scenic country, the most visited country in the world. The currency here is swiss Franc. You will have to spend 94 rupees 85 cents per indian rupee. But surely you can get the joy of going to heaven on earth.
United States (US Dollar) - 1 USD = 83.04 INR:
Most likely you know about America. One of the most traveled countries by Indians. One of the costliest countries in the world, tourists here spend 83 rupees in indian rupees and get one dollar from that country. So, plan your trip according to your budget.

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