How did the drug trade emerge from rave parties?

S Venkateshwari
How did the drug trade emerge from rave parties?

As the number of young people attending these rave parties increased over time, intoxicants like narcotics began to be given, and eventually these events became synonymous with the drug trade. This is the cause of their notoriety as well. Rave parties became more and more popular in other nations due to the growing trend, and as a result, several countries began hosting covert rave parties.

How did rave parties become popular in India?

India had a gradual failure of this tendency, similar to other nations, even though goa is thought to be its epicenter. where foreign visitors discovered that the seaside made an excellent location for rave events. In the open fields, this is where these parties first became organized. The majority of young people from wealthy households were drawn to rave parties because of the extraordinarily loud music and drugs that were readily available there. Following this, the popularity of these parties grew in major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and mumbai and is currently engulfing the nation's smaller cities as well.

In India, on the other hand, rave events that serve illicit substances are prohibited. There are provisions for punishment if one attends or plans such a party and is discovered. This explains why the Narcotics Department frequently conducts raids on these types of gatherings across the nation.

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