Risk of heart disease in men is doubled by work stress...

S Venkateshwari
Risk of heart disease in men is doubled by work stress...

According to a recent study published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, work stress can have a negative impact on men's heart health, particularly when the stressful working conditions are not matched with adequate compensation. The study found conflicting results regarding how work stress affects women. 

Workplace stress can also cause plaque to form and blood pressure to rise, both of which can have an impact on the heart. Exercise, meditation, and stress-relieving activities can help prevent heart problems brought on by stress.

Why men are more susceptible to stress at work?

Men may be more susceptible to certain types of work-related stress, which can occasionally raise the risk of heart problems. Everyone responds to stress in a unique way, and other factors like genetics, lifestyle, and general health have a significant impact on heart health, according to Dr. Subhendu Mohanty, Head Cardiologists at Sharda Hospital.

How men can handle stress at work? 

"Workplace stress needs to be managed. You may already be aware of the emotional and physical signs of stress, such as fatigue, irritability, headaches, muscle tension, and difficulty concentrating. It is easier to intervene if these symptoms are caught early. Make sure you get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and work out frequently. Mental well-being is significantly influenced by physical health. Analyse your stress levels and the effectiveness of your coping skills frequently. As needed, adjust your plan, advises Dr. Mohanty.

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