Misunderstandings that are ruining your relationships...?

Misunderstandings that are ruining your relationships...?

Communication that works is essential for happy relationships. It is what keeps communication and comprehension alive. Nevertheless, despite our best efforts, some communication blunders may sabotage the foundation we have established with our loved ones. Couples who have trouble communicating frequently experience ongoing, unresolved conflict, which makes it challenging to handle matters like finances, intimate relationships, parenting, and work. In every relationship, good communication between the partners looks different, but there are some fundamental rules to follow. 

Common blunders in relationship communication 

Use of "Always" and "Never" 

Because there is actually no such thing as always or never, when we use these in communication, we are lying. It is thinking in black and white. Don't fall into the trap of communicating in this way because our partner will try their best to refute your false claim right away. 

Accusatory statements 

Using the phrase "you make me feel" can make your partner feel guilty and may make them become defensive. In addition, nobody forces anyone to feel a certain way. They may cause feelings to arise inside of you, but they do not produce them. You are in charge of your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.

Uncertain expectations 

Our partners cannot read our minds. It is a trap that will lead to suffering to believe that they should "just know" what you want or need. Say what you want if it is specific. Assumptions and hazy expectations are preferable to clear communication.

Treatment in silence 

This is a really effective way to quickly induce anxiety in your partner, who will then push you for more information. If you do it, it was probably done to you when you were a child. What was that like?

Threats of dissolution 

Saying out of anger, "Maybe this just won't work out between us," creates insecurity in your relationship and triggers your partner's threat response. Impulsive threats undermine confidence. Your relationship shouldn't be put at risk because of a brief fit of rage.

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