Harmful effects of Mobile on children-Follow these tips!!!P1

S Venkateshwari
Harmful effects of mobile on children-Follow these tips!!!P1

Mobile has become an important gadget in today's time. This mobile makes the most difficult tasks of our life very easy, but this mobile is dangerous for children. If touched by children, this mobile can take away their innocence. Their physical activity stops and the mental growth of children is also affected the most due to this. In such a situation, doctors and psychologists clearly say that children should be kept away from mobiles.

Children are first given mobile for time pass and then they get used to it. This habit turns into addiction and becomes a problem for the parents and it has a negative impact on the lives of the children. In such a situation, if you want your child to get rid of mobile addiction, then you have to focus on some special things.

You have to control yourself too

Children do what they see their parents doing. That's why you should also avoid using mobile at least. mobile should not be used excessively in front of children.

Do not pressure by scolding

Sudden pressure cannot be made on children regarding mobile. That's why it is necessary to explain them lovingly about mobile and if children are using the phone, do not get angry with them, but later make them aware of its disadvantages.

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