Three Covid vaccines have been approved for Kids!!!

S Venkateshwari
Three Covid vaccines have been approved for Kids!!!

So far, three Covid Vaccines have been approved for children between 5 years to 12 years in the country. The government has given emergency use approval to Corbevax, Covovax and Covaxin, that is, all three have been found safe in human trials and can be used. However, the vaccination program for children between 5 and 12 years has not yet been started with any of the three vaccines. Dr Pramod Jog has appealed to the government to apply these vaccines to at least those children who are suffering from any one of the congenital anomalies, childhood diabetes, TB, malnutrition, kidney and lung diseases. Apart from this, they have also included children suffering from thalassemia, renal disease, cancer, long-term steroid use, immuno-compromised stage and obesity in high-risk conditions.

Not enough preparations

Experts are concerned about the situation after the serious effect of corona on children in India. In fact, 50% of children are believed to have hybrid immunity because they have been exposed to corona infection, which means they are less prone to corona like adults. But if the remaining 50% of the children get infected, there are not enough preparations in the country. According to health experts, if 50% i.e. even 1% of the 150 million children are affected by severe corona infection, then there is not enough PICUs (specialized ICUs for children) in the country's hospitals.

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