RSV infection is more serious in babies and toddlers...

S Venkateshwari
RSV infection is more serious in babies and toddlers...

This is a respiratory disease, which spreads more in bottle-fed children. Due to infection with this virus, symptoms of pneumonia and bronchiolitis appear in children, such children who drink bottled milk since birth is at the highest risk of this infection because the respiratory tract is small. Let us know its causes, symptoms and how children are more afraid and what are the home remedies.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of cough, fever and cold

Sore throat 

Nervousness and trouble breathing


Change in skin colour

Common Causes

Due to lung disease

Because of cancer or chemotherapy

Due to weak immunity

Due to muscular dystrophy

Why are children more at risk?

Many times this disease becomes fatal for one-month-old children, and there is a high fever in it. The temperature of a young person may exceed 38 Celsius, the lips may turn blue, and breathing becomes difficult, but due to this disease in children, they do not see much but they do not pass urine for a long time. Due to the very small breathing tubes of one-month-old babies, they need to be admitted to the hospital and many times they become life-threatening. Many times children live in the midst of smoke or dirt, and even then they have this complaint.

Home Remedy

Although doctors give medicines according to them, there are some home remedies that can reduce this problem. You can make a decoction by adding ginger, and honey, and you can take steam.

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