Akbar Birbal Stories::Difficulty comes

Rama Rao
Akbar was jovial by nature. One day he said to the merchants of the town, “From today onwards You will serve as guards.” Emperor’s statement scared the merchant and they went to Birbal with their problem. Birbal boosted their moral by saying, “You all go around the town with turbans on your feet And pyjamastied on the head calling out loudly, now difficulty has come on us! That should do the trick.” Emperor was out in the town in disguise.  Looking at the plight of the merchants Emperor laughed and said, “what is all this?” One merchant said, “Your Highness, from birth we have been trained in the profession of selling. How can we be guards? How can pyjamas serve as turbans and turbans as shoes?” Emperor Akbar understand the trick played by Birbal 

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