How can a water crisis affect the country's economy?

S Venkateshwari
How can a water crisis affect the country's economy?

A report by niti aayog shows that if india does not take some concrete steps on the problem of water shortage, then by the year 2050, this country can lose up to 6% of its gross domestic product (GDP).

Cause of water crisis

1. Increasing population: Although there are many major reasons for water crisis in india, but the most important is considered to be rapidly increasing urbanization and industrialization. Due to the continuous population growth in this country, the demand for water is also increasing. On the other hand, due to urbanization, pressure on water resources is increasing, due to which water crisis is arising.

2. Climate change: Due to climate change, changing rain pattern in this country is causing floods in some areas and drought-like conditions in some. Apart from this, melting of Himalayan glaciers causes irregularity of water resources, which affects the river systems.

3. Excessive use of water: In india, groundwater is being over-exploited for agriculture, industry and domestic use and this is leading to a rapid decline in the groundwater level. This can also cause water crisis in the country in the future. Apart from this, due to excessive water extraction from the rivers and lakes of the country, these water sources are drying up.

4. Lack of water conservation: In our country, water is used excessively but there is no concrete plan for its conservation. Apart from this, water is wasted due to irregularities and leakage in the water supply and distribution system.

5. Deforestation: Deforestation due to urbanization in India has a negative impact on the quality and quantity of water resources.

6. pollution of water sources: Due to industries and domestic waste, almost all the rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources of india are getting polluted, due to which the availability of clean water is decreasing. Apart from this, chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture also pollute water sources.

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