Electronic Voting Machines-EVM is under doubt..?

S Venkateshwari
Electronic Voting Machines-EVM is under doubt..?

Voters who use paper ballots can see where they have cast their votes, but those who use electronic voting machines cannot. It's only a counter, EVM. The only way to audit whether he is performing the work correctly or not is to use the VVPAT machine. In the event that VVPAT is not placed everywhere, how will the audit be conducted? This casts doubt on the voting procedure. According to the results of the 2019 lok sabha elections, the leader of one party was declared the winner in Nandigram and Meerut, West Bengal, first, and then another party's leader after a while. Therefore, EVM is questioned in relation to all of these points. Not only is democracy essential to its operation, but the greatest triumph is the confidence in it.
Democracy is based on trust. Why is the Commission having trouble tallying the votes from the VVPAT in this scenario? It will take some time, but in a trust democracy, the people and political parties will receive the results. The election commission has stated that using VVPAT for counting will require resources and time. Examining the situation more closely, however, we find that the Commission has postponed the lok sabha elections nationwide for about three months, despite the fact that they were scheduled to take place in ten days. In the summer, this will be problematic for everyone, even the general public.
As a result, political parties, the administration, and candidates will all spend more money. The Commission is just restating that counting VVPAT incurs additional costs without offering any further commentary. The election commission itself is called into question in such a circumstance, which is absolutely unacceptable in a democracy.

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