Is it true that hazardous alien viruses are coming from space?

S Venkateshwari
Is it true that hazardous alien viruses are coming from space?


The devastation caused by the Corona pandemic has demonstrated to people how dangerous a virus can be for all of humanity. Particularly those viruses that are alien, that is, those that are not native to Earth. The alien virus is among them. Scientists are concerned about this across the globe. In actuality, it is a spaceborne substance that can cause severe illness in people should they unintentionally come into contact with it. Allow us to explain this extraterrestrial virus to you and share the thoughts of scientists on it.

What is the alien virus theory?

A few years ago, researchers from San Diego university as well as from Canada, Spain, and America discovered 800 million viruses and bacteria in practically every square meter while conducting studies in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Spain. Scientists began to wonder where the abundance of viruses and bacteria on these high mountain summits, devoid of both pollution and human settlement, might have originated. This is the source of the alien virus and bacteria idea. In fact, some experts think that these germs and viruses arrived on Earth from space rather than any other place.

Does life exist in space as well?

According to some specialists, there is life in space everywhere. It is their belief that these bacteria and viruses are constantly travelling from one location to another through dust, asteroids, and comets. The scientific community refers to it as panspermia.

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