Which rave parties in India have been targeted by raids?

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Which rave parties in india have been targeted by raids?

2009 saw a raid by mumbai police on the bombay 72 Club located in the Juhu district of Mumbai. The cops had arrested 246 young people during this operation. Blood tests revealed that several of these individuals had used narcotics. In addition, in 2011 Raigarh police conducted a raid on a rave party in Solapur. Anil Jadhav, an Anti-Narcotics Cell officer, was also taken into custody due to his involvement in this case. 275 individuals who were apprehended at the party had positive blood tests, confirming their drug use.

96 persons were apprehended in 2019 following a raid at the Oakwood Hotel in Juhu. This year, 150 persons were discovered hosting similar gatherings where illicit activities were being carried out during a police raid on Bengaluru's hotels and pubs. This party also featured fifty foreign nationals.

A rave party in delhi was raided in 2019, and 600 persons, including young boys and girls, were apprehended. This party also had a significant amount of foreign alcohol and suspicious items retrieved from them.

In addition, a cruise rave party in Mumbai's Juhu was raided in 2020. which resulted in the arrest of numerous people, including Shahrukh Khan's son. Some, nevertheless, were subsequently found to be innocent.

The network also extended to tiny towns

Rave events are a trap that even small villages fall victim to. When the cops invaded a rave party last year, or in 2022, they found over fifty young men and women inebriated. Children from well-known bhopal families were also present at this celebration. By carrying out a raid like this, the cops disrupted a rave party in 2016. In addition, twelve persons were taken into custody after a police raid on a rave party in patna in 2016. They were all discovered to be inebriated.

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