When did IVF technology begin, and how was it invented?

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When did IVF technology begin, and how was it invented?

Miriam Menkin is the name of the female scientist who created the IVF technology. Miriam was a technician for Howard University's Dr. john Rock, a specialist in infertility. They wanted to create eggs that were fertile but incapable of bearing children by replicating them outside of the human body. It took Maryam six years to find this technique, and in february 1944, after years of perseverance and constant setbacks, she experienced her first victory. Currently, this method is referred to as the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) method globally.

In 1978, following the technology's discovery, the world's first child was born using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Lewis Brown was his name. Following this, a maximum of 2,84,385 women in America were created using this method in 2017.

How did the technique of IVF arrive in India?

On august 6, 1986, india had its first baby born via test tube. Harsha Chavda was his name. At the age of 37, Harsha is a mother of a child.

How effective is this method of becoming pregnant?

IVF specialist Dr. Nibha Singh stated that although the procedure is now somewhat pricey and challenging, the success rate of using this technology to conceive a child is rising over time. But there are a lot of elements to consider during this procedure, including the mother's health. He claimed that the woman's age also affects the likelihood of an effective IVF procedure.

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