Children are at risk from 'these' healthy foods..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Children are at risk from 'these' healthy foods..!?
For children, eating too much of a few healthy foods can put their health at risk. Do you know what foods should not be eaten too much? We have heard many people saying that 'exceeding it is nectar and poison'. Thus, giving children too much of a few healthy foods can endanger their health. So, here is a list of foods that should not be given too much to them.
Diet for children:
Many parents tend to provide nutritious foods to their children to improve their health and wellness. While adding healthy foods to a toddler's diet is essential for their development, eating too much of it can have unintended consequences. As with any other aspect of nutrition, the balance we strike is important.
Fruit juice:
Children often do not like to eat fruits as they are. Among them, juicing appears to be the right way to increase fruit intake. They are high in sugar and low in fiber. Excessive consumption of fruit juices is seen as a risk factor for weight gain, tooth decay, and type 2 diabetes in children. Doctors say that fruits should be given to children completely. This can control the sugar level in their body without increasing.

Peanut Butter:
Different types of butter like almond butter and peanut butter are sold in markets. It is rich in good fats and protein. However, they are also calorie-dense. Eating too much of this may cause weight gain in children. Not only that, butter may contain excess sugar and oils. This can also lead to health problems. Hence, opting for sugar-free butter is very important, say pediatricians.

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But these are high in natural sugars and calories. Consuming large amounts of dry fruits can lead to excess calorie intake. Also, dry fruits can lead to dental problems. parents should encourage children to eat in moderation. Simple fruits should be given as snacks.


Granola is considered a snack food that suppresses whole grains. These are also available in stores as instant packets. These include excess sugar, oil, and processing chemicals. Due to this, the nutrients present in granola are not available to the body. If children take more of it, it is likely to increase body fat along with body fat.

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