How To Manage Healthy Hair And Skin This Winter- Experts Share Tips


How To Manage Healthy Hair And Skin This Winter- Experts Share Tips

For many of us, the dip in temperatures and low humidity (both indoors and outside), can magnify dry, flaky skin, as well as sensitivity. read this article to know ways to manage it.

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Not everyone’s skin reacts the same way to winter weather conditions, but for many of us, the dip in temperatures and low humidity (both indoors and outside), can magnify dry, flaky skin, as well as sensitivity. Even people with oily skin can get challenged by the winter chill as their skin may feel more dehydrated, uncomfortable, or tight. Despite this, the changes you make to your skincare routine don’t have to be major.

Tips To Maintain Radiant Complexion And Vibrant Hair During Winters.

Dr Vinata Shetty, who is a Medical advisor at Kaya Clinics said, "Winter demands special attention for our skin and hair due to the dry weather."Here are some tips listed by her to maintain a radiant complexion and vibrant hair during this season.


Cold temperatures can dehydrate your skin and hair. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to stay adequately hydrated.

Gentle Cleansing 

Choose a mild, hydrating cleanser to avoid stripping your skin and hair of natural oils. Using mild exfoliating agents selectively helps better penetration of moisturizers. Limit hot showers, as they can further dry out the skin.

Moisturise Regularly

Opt for a rich moisturizer containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. Apply it right after showering to seal in moisture and prevent dryness. For hair care, opt for a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo and ensure regular conditioning to retain moisture in your hair strands. Regular oiling with coconut or almond oil adds a conditioning effect.

Dandruff Control 

Use a mild antidandruff shampoo to control the flaking and scaling usually common due to dryness in winter. Keeping the scalp clean also helps in preventing hair fall issues commonly encountered in winters

Sun Protection

 Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily, even during winter, to safeguard against harmful UV rays, preventing photoaging and pigmentation. Apply it 15-20 minutes before going outside and reapply every 3-4 hours for sufficient protection.

Balanced Diet

 Incorporate vitamin-rich foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads, sprouts, and dry fruits into your diet. Include omega-3 fatty acids from fish and nuts to regulate skin oil production, maintain hydration, and slow down signs of aging.

Limit Heat Styling 

Reduce the use of hot blow dryers, ironing, and excess chemical treatments to prevent further damage. Embrace natural styles and give your hair a break from excessive heat. Trim your hair regularly to prevent split ends.

Tips For Supple Skin And Lustrous Hair During Winters

Winters are here and they are harsh weather. In winter the air is dry and that can suck the moisture out of the skin. Here are some tips shared by Dr. Prateek Sondhi, who is an MBBS, MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, and Consulting Dermat at Fixderma Pvt. Ltd to ensure that you can maintain supple skin during winter.

Use a soap-free cleanser to wash your hands. You should choose a cleanser that is foam-free, fragrant, and color-free

The winter air is dry and a humidifier can be installed at home or work settings. It can infuse the moisture into the skin. While using a towel your hair and skin, do not rub your skin and hair vigorously. It can rip off the moisture from our skin and hair.Do not use very hot water to bathe this winter. It can reduce the water content of the skin. Lukewarm water is best.

Low temperature shuts down the oil glands. So wear gloves and socks. Warm temperature will prevent skin from drying further. The pressure of gloves and socks will also help in the deeper penetration of moisturizers. Avoid harsh ingredients like retinol. For people with dry skin, niacinamide and vitamin c should also be avoided as they may irritate. Hyaluronic acid-containing products should be preferred as they can penetrate deep into the skin can give long-lasting hydration.

Cleansers And Moisturisers For Winter Skin

Desiree Stordahl, who is the director of Applied Research & Education- Paula's Choice said, "Make sure your cleanser isn’t overly drying. That’s something you would want to avoid year-round, but especially during the winter months, it's a big NO. Instead, a balanced formula that gently cleanses skin without stripping it dry, sets on the right path."

"If your skin truly is dry in the winter, consider adding a barrier-boosting moisturizer to your routine. This can be layered under your daytime SPF and may also be used at night. Formulas designed to strengthen the skin’s barrier will help it better withstand environmental elements. If your skin is oily on the surdata-face but feels more dehydrated or tight underneath, opt for a formula that targets boosting hydration in the lower layers yet doesn’t feel heavy or occlusive. A great way to achieve that is with a richly hydrating toner," she added.

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