Trade Old GOLD for DIAMONDS with Maaya Jewels

For many years, indian families have considered jewellery to be both a lucky and sentimental item. Many of us recall innumerable times as kids going to the jewellery store with our Amma. gold jewellery was fashionable in the past, around 15 years ago, whereas diamond jewellery was less common. The current fashion is moving more towards diamond jewellery, and more recently, colorstone diamond jewellery.

To obtain his opinions on the shifting fashions, we spoke with Nihar Parikh, President and Co-Owner of Maaya Fine Diamonds. "Gaining knowledge is an essential component of our business," he declared. My father, a brilliant natural gemstone collector who is 70 years old, is continually gaining knowledge! The beauty of this line of work is that you learn something new every day, which enables you to change with the times. You harvest more of what you sow! gold jewellery is currently considered to be dated.

In the previous decade or so, we have changed to Diamond Jewelry and in the last 5 years, Diamond Jewelry with Natural Gemstones. customers seek distinctive designs using natural, vintage gemstones that are one-of-a-kind in addition to diamonds. They desire interchangeable stones, a detachable pendant, and the ability to wear a single item in four or five different ways.
My own consumers have said that they are sick of seeing the same types of designs everywhere and look forward to and expect creativity in jewellery design from Maaya.
When compared to Diamond Jewelry, gold Jewelry has less innovation. Detachable combinations are few and far between in gold jewellery, making it difficult for clients to fully appreciate the piece.

For proms, graduations, business conferences, and convention get-togethers, Millennials and Gen Xers want trendy, attractive jewellery. These fashionable young people from the next generation don't care for old-fashioned gold jewellery!
Speaking of ingenuity and innovation, Maaya Fine Jewellery also told us about recycling and melting old gold jewellery for customers with a reputable company in Manhattan. They put the credit from the melting gold towards the cost of diamond jewellery.
Additionally, they provide financing alternatives, allowing clients to finance every purchase they make interest-free. We considered that to be a fantastic approach for customers to update their old, out-of-date jewellery into contemporary designs with flexible payment options!

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