History of Indian Newspaper Day - Let's know in detail!!!

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History of indian newspaper Day - Let's know in detail!!!

The founding of newspapers in india is commemorated on indian newspaper Day. The day is marked to honor the day that Irishman james Augustus Hicky introduced India's first printed newspaper. It was referred to as Hicky's bengal Gazette or the Original calcutta General Advertiser. To commemorate the debut of this English-language weekly, india has designated a day. Men in indian homes have been reading the newspaper first thing in the morning for a very long time. One could even argue that it has become a necessary component of peoples' morning routines. We should honor the document that enlightens and educates us about the world on this day. To learn more about history and significance, continue reading down. 

Every year on january 28, india celebrates newspaper Day, a day set aside to remember the publication of the nation's first newspaper in 1780. The first weekly journal was called Hicky's bengal Gazette, which was also referred to as the calcutta General Advertiser. james Irishman Augustus Hicky is referred to as the "father of the indian press". Newspapers altered procedures when news took days to get to their readers. During the british Raj, it became well-known for its unbiased reporting and viewpoints.

It contained articles that denounced General Hastings for all of his wrongdoings. It was quite vocal about the lack of freedom of speech in india and very critical of the government. However, seeing the harm it may bring to their administration, the british decided to cease printing it in 1782. For the general public, the paper provided dependable, accurate news and updates concerning public leaders. It served as a link between the affluent and the general public. Thus, raising awareness of the importance of reading a newspaper is the goal of indian newspaper Day.

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