Two groups in East Godavari district fight for a job

The unemployment is increasing in India day by day. Instead of quality, many things have become important now to get a job. In East Godavari district N Kothapalli, a bad situation happened. For a job, 2 groups fought and it shocked everyone. Three people got severely injured who were taken to  K G H in Kakinada. Police, who came to know this, reached the groups. 

Police officers tried to give counseling to both the groups but they couldn't stop it.  An F I  Ris registered on both the groups. A person is severely injured as he is brutally attacked. Complete details are yet to come on the issue.

On the other side, the issue is going to be escalated to higher level as the groups are not ready to withdraw their complaints. The complete details of the case, file, candidate, motto of the groups are being collected and once the interrogation is completed, police will come to know where it originally started. Actually, for a job, two candidates should fight or the interviewer of the chairman of the company should be the people to decide the most qualified person for the job.

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