History written in blood! Background of Israel-Palestine conflict..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
History written in blood! Background of Israel-Palestine conflict..!?
What is the problem between israel and Palestine? What does Hamas have to do with this issue? What makes this a problematic issue? This collection answers such questions. There has been a long-standing conflict between israel and Palestine. It is said that the issue of israel and palestine will lead to a third world war. Like Kashmir, it has long been an intractable problem. Israeli attacks on Palestinian groups and Palestinian groups attacking israel have become a recurring story. In this context, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he has launched a war against Hamas forces that launched a rocket attack in southern Israel. Already, while the war in ukraine is having a global impact, the war declared by israel has made the countries of the world nervous. This matter has raised many questions among us. What is the problem between israel and Palestine? What is the connection between Hamas and Palestine? What makes this a problematic issue? To know etc., it is necessary to look back in history.
100 years unsolved issue:
Being located in a very complicated place is the main reason for the Israel-Palestine problem. Geopolitical experts say that the main reason for not being able to solve the issue of israel is that the enemy countries are located around egypt, jordan, and Syria. But what is the reason for the enmity between them? Let's go back in history. palestine, a region in the Middle east, was part of the Ottoman Empire. Following the defeat of the british ruler during World war I, the british took control of the area. Jews lived as a minority and Arabs as a majority in Palestine. Following international pressure to establish a separate Jewish state in palestine, that responsibility was given to the British. It was in this context that trouble broke out between the Jews and the Arabs. The Palestinian Arabs opposed the claim of a separate state, even though the territory that the Jews were asking for was their homeland. Amidst the tense atmosphere, from the 1920s to the 1940s, the number of Jews moving to palestine continued to increase. Jews were killed in droves during World war II. Faced with severe oppression in Europe, they escaped from there and sought refuge in palestine for their motherland.
In such an environment, incidents of violence between Jews and Arabs increased. The protests against the british rule intensified. In 1947, the United Nations proposed a plan to solve this problem. Accordingly, it was decided to divide palestine into two. The United Nations voted to declare Jerusalem an international city, with a separate state for Jews and a separate state for Arabs. Although the Jewish leaders accepted this plan, the Arab side did not. Hence, it has not been implemented to date.

Israel was born with a problem:
In 1948, the british withdrew from palestine because they could not resolve this issue. It was then that Jewish leaders announced the birth of the separate nation of Israel. Many Palestinians protested this, and the war began. Troops from neighboring Arab countries began to invade. Within a year of the war, an armistice was declared. At that time, most of palestine was brought under Israeli control. The territory occupied by neighboring jordan is called the West bank and the territory occupied by egypt is called Gaza. The city of Jerusalem was divided into two. West Jerusalem came under the control of Israeli forces. east Jerusalem was brought under the control of Jordanian forces. A peace deal has never been reached as each side in the conflict blames the other. Due to this, many wars broke out and the conflict has been going on for a long time. In another war in 1967, israel took control of east Jerusalem and the West Bank. israel also occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza, and much of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Most Palestinians and their descendants live as refugees in Gaza and the West bank, neighboring jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. israel does not allow Palestinians or their descendants to return to their homes. israel says that if allowed, the number of Arabs will increase and endanger the existence of israel as a Jewish state.

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