ISRO Chief S Somnath reached Bhadrakali temple!!!

ISRO Chief S somnath reached Bhadrakali temple!!!

ISRO Chief S somnath reached Poornamikavu Bhadrakali temple in thiruvananthapuram today (August 27) after the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon. After offering prayers here, he said that science and spirituality are two different things and there is no need to mix the two. S somnath said that I am an explorer. I search for the moon. My life's journey includes investigating both science and spirituality. I go to many temples. I read many scriptures and try to find out about our existence in this universe.

What did the isro chief say on Chandrayaan-3?

Regarding Chandrayaan-3, the isro chairman told the news agency that everything is working very well. Its lander and rover are in good condition and all five instruments have been made operational. It is now giving great data. He said that it is expected that in the coming days before september 3, we will be able to complete all the experiments. It has different modes for which it has to be tested. We're taking the best photo ever taken of the Moon.

What was said about keeping the name Shivshakti?

On Chandrayaan-3's landing point on the moon being called 'Shiv Shakti', the isro chairman said that the PM explained its meaning in a way that is suitable for all of us. 

"Privilege to name PM"

The isro chief said that he (PM) named the place where Chandrayaan-2 left its footprints on the moon in 2019 as Tiranga Point and also explained its meaning. Both are indian names. What we are doing should have a significance and being the prime minister of the country it is his privilege to name it.

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