Jyoti Maurya - A story of ambition, adultery, and corruption

S Venkateshwari
Over the past several days, Jyoti Maurya has been the target of social media ire. Her narrative is anything from dull, and neither is the chain of events it has started. You could now wonder, "Who is Jyoti Maurya?" After working as a public servant in Uttar Pradesh, Jyoti Maurya, a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), reportedly left her husband, Alok. This allegedly led to the "Jyoti Maurya Bewafaa Hai" and difficulties for some married women who want to live better lives. We explain how...
A jharkhand man who works as a laborer claims that his wife has been absent ever since she got a job as a nurse. In another instance, Pintu Singh of Buxar, bihar, called his wife Khushbu Kumari back from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, out of concern that she may leave him if she landed a job with the government. Khushbu was studying for the state civil service exams in this instance as well. Pintu even went so far as to decline to pay for his wife's college expenses. "Jyoti Maurya Bewafaa Hai" is the only source of these deeds.
But Jyoti Maurya's narrative has more to it than simply dhokha (betrayal); it also involves adultery, corruption, and a murderous plot. Of course, these are all rumors.
According to Alok Maurya's story, some married men have either stopped supporting their spouses' endeavors or have accused one another of a similar act of betrayal. Following the bihar event, a new incidence from jharkhand has been reported in which the husband claimed that his wife was a nurse by working as a laborer, however, she later refused to remain with him.

The issue came to light after a video of her husband, Alok Maurya, weeping and claiming that his wife, Jyoti, left him after becoming the SDM, surdata-faced on social media. This sparked the "Jyoti Maurya Bewafaa Hai" fad. In Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Alok Maurya works as a Class-IV employee for the panchayati Raj Department.
Alok Maurya said in the video that he wed Jyoti in the year 2010 in the clip. Alok supported Jyoti's education from 2010 until 2016. He has said that in order for Jyoti to complete her education, he even took out debt. Jyoti passed the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Civil service (UPPCS) examinations in 2016 with a 16th-place finish and went on to work in government.
The alleged adultery is now here.
Alok Maurya claims in the video that Jyoti visited lucknow on several occasions for "meetings" Alok Maurya claims that despite his suspicions about her visits, he sneakily followed her to one of these encounters in December. Alok Maurya claimed to have discovered Jyoti's nighttime companionship with manish Dubey, a home guard commandant in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
Alok said that he caught them "red-handed" as they were leaving the hotel. Jyoti informed Alok that manish was her lover when he inquired.

It's not over yet.
Alok also claims to have evidence that his wife, Jyoti Maurya, is a corrupt police officer. He asserted that he "contains" information on the alleged corruption in a diary. Examining the claims is being done. Alok also claimed to have access to whatsapp messages between manish and Jyoti that allegedly indicate a plot to have him assassinated.

Then Jyoti's rendition.
Jyoti Maurya, the "bewafaa," has also claimed that her husband, Alok Maurya, assaulted her. Prior to their marriage, Alok had claimed to be a panchayat officer, but he was actually employed as a sweeper, according to SDM Jyoti Maurya. The fact that Alok Maurya is a "panchayat officer" was also noted on their wedding invitations.
Jyoti Maurya claims that the whatsapp texts have been misrepresented and that the "truth will eventually come out" since an inquiry is ongoing.

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